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Founders of Camp Victory Life

Showing the World Jesus Cares through His Church.

In 1969, I (Frank) had just returned from Viet Nam, married and had one child (Trey) when Hurricane Camille destroyed our home and we lost everything including all of our memorabilia.  We lived on the beach in Pass Christian, Mississippi.  Immediately following the destruction, I was so impressed with my family, not only trying to put their own lives back together, but also reaching out to help others.  But, the one thing that always stuck out in my memory was what my Mom said one morning as we were all making plans for the day.  She said “I can’t do much for folks, but I can surely feed them.”  She and my three sisters set out to do just that. 

Ever since that day, I have been moved to “feed people” following these disasters.  My wife, Gayle, and I have such a desire to help people spiritually and physically during times of loss.

We pastored a great church in Foley, AL for 30 years and we are so grateful that the people of the church have always supported this vision to the fullest.  They have sown and traveled to these areas with us and truly shown the love of the Lord.  Many, many people all across the United States have come to be a part of our “Camp Victory” along with tremendous giving of finances and supplies.

We go with the understanding that “JESUS CARES, AND HE CARES THROUGH PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME”. 

Pastor Frank and Gayle Griffith
Pastor Frank and Gayle Griffith